Secret Desires [Chapter 4]

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Disclaimer: While this story is based on actual events, certain characters, characterizations, incidents, locations and dialogue were fictionalized or invented for purposes of dramatization.

With respect to such fictionalization or invention, any similarity to the name or to the actual character or history of any person, living or dead, or any product or entity or actual incident, is entirely for dramatic purpose and not intended to reflect on an actual character, history, product or entity.

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Chapter 4

After our call, I resumed my routine in life. My communication with Luis became frequent, maybe it's because of what we talked about. He became more and more clingy too, always asking me to bring someone along whenever I go out of the house.

Two weeks had passed, Mac never failed to send me a message. He sometimes calls me in his free time which is usually at night. Whatever I have with Mac, it didn't fade at all. I'm still unsure what I feel for him though, but I would really like for us to do it again.

"I miss you...” He told me on a Thursday night when he called.

I was preparing myself to sleep that time. I wore my silk pajamas.

Hearing his voice made the inner most part of my center moist. I couldn't help but bit my lower lip on the sudden feeling I felt.

"I miss you too, Mac." I said.

We talked about what we've been up to the past days. How both of us haven't had the time to meet.

Suddenly, he asked me, "Hmm. Are you free this weekend?"

And of course, I said, "Yes." It's a Saturday, so there's no class.

My usual activities during weekends would only be chilling at home, watching movies or TV series with Crystel and Lyn, and surfing the net.

"Can I visit you at your house?"

My heart hammered violently inside my ribcage as I felt excited and anxious of his question. Will we do it again? Are we going to talk about that kid? I had to clear my throat to remain calm.

"Yeah, sure." I answered him.

"Then, I'll be there tomorrow at 2 p.m." He said with finality.

Our conversation ended so quickly because it was almost eleven in the evening and I still got school the day after. I immediately let myself fall asleep after the call.

Saturday came so fast and I'm so excited!

He's coming here today. We're just going to talk about things... about us, I suppose... but I couldn't help myself but feel happy that he's coming over. I read his text message once again.

"I'll be there in 15 minutes, dear."

I brushed my hair. Put on a bit of powder on my face and a strawberry flavored lip balm on my lips. My already pink lips now looked a bit red because of the lip balm. I seemed five years older than my age.

I can't believe myself for preparing like this. It's just Mac. So, why do I have to put such effort on looking good?

What if he's the one coming over instead of Mac? Would I still exert the same effort? How about his girlfriend?

I was lost in reverie and didn't realize Mac already arrived until Lyn knocked at my room's door saying Mac's here.

"I'll be out in a sec!" I told Lyn.

I arranged my things before I stood up. I looked at my image in the mirror for the last time; fixing my dress. Well it's not really a dress that you'll wear to a church or a formal event. It's more of a dress that you wear at home. It's a deep v-cut halter top dress, violet colored with hints of white floral designs. And it is just until my mid thigh.

I went out of my room and went downstairs.

There I saw Mac sitting on the couch. I smiled at him when I caught him gulp at the sight of me. He stood up and met me halfway.

"You look beautiful...” he said as he pulled me for a quick hug and stole a kiss.

The kiss was just like before. Although it was a brief one, it was enough to ignite the fire within me.

"Thanks Mac. Please, sit down." I sat right beside him. He instantly placed his right arm on my shoulder.

"There is something I need to clarify with you, if it's okay." I started with what I wanted to know since that night we first did it.

"What is it?" He asked while drawing circles at the side of my right shoulder.

"Do you have.. uhm.. Are you... married?" I nervously asked what was bothering me.

"Why do you ask..?" His hand stopped and he seemed stiffened by my unexpected query.

"Just tell it to me straight. And be honest, please."

He withdrew his arm from me. "Yes.. I was married."

I feel betrayed. Why did he do that to me, then? Did I become a mistress?

"Where is she? Where's your wife?" I demanded a bit.

"She's in the States with her new husband."

He shared what happened between him and his wife, why they're not together anymore and their plan of having their marriage annulled. He also shared where his daughter is currently residing and how it's hard for him to be away from his child.

While listening to Mac, I couldn't believe that what my mother always warned me when I was younger is now happening to me.

I realized that it feels different that he is now sharing his story as compared to what I have been imagining the past few weeks.

I sighed. I made up my mind. I decided to break up with Luis, because I am choosing Mac. We can make it work. I can learn to love him in time.

After a few minutes of talking about our situation, the room was filled with silence. He then moved his hand toward my lap. He caressed and squeezed my thigh. I felt myself moistened the moment he placed his hand on my lap.

I felt nervous because we might get caught by my siblings or Lyn any moment. He moved his hand towards groin. God! I feel hot all over. I reacted by slowly moving my legs apart.

He then moved his fingers on my crotch still wearing my panties and started massaging it. I let out a soft moan. He went back and forth with my clit and got me wet with anticipation.

I stared at him, his eyes full of dark intention. We torridly kissed for a few minutes; his hands never stopped massaging me until he slipped his middle finger inside my already wet pussy.


I shivered as I let myself drown with lust, until I couldn't take it anymore. I stood up and took off my panties, still with my dress on. I helped him unzip his pants, and positioned myself on top of him.

The tip of is cock is poking on mine. I held on to his broad shoulders as I slowly moved my hip downwards to let his shaft inside my pussy.


I bit my lips to stop myself from moaning. Good thing, my siblings are out of the house today and Lyn's in our neighbor's house.

Not long after, his length filled me. I slowly rode his cock up and down, until my pussy got used to his huge rod. I moved leisurely, taking my time, savoring the moment that I'm in control.

"Damn.. you're so hard~" I couldn't help but said it out loud.

"F*ck! Your pussy is so wet and tight!"

He, then, continued kissing me with fervent desire that I lost control of everything in an instant.

"Sh*t!" I pumped faster, and each time it hit my sweet weak spot. The feeling of his shaft is so liberating.

His hands were all over me. His kisses felt so good that I fell into a daze of lust. I didn't even realize that he already took out my boobs and started sucking it.

"Your boobs are mine.." He said as he squeezed my left boob, alternating with the right. "You are mine."

"Yes! Yes! I am yours! Sh*t! F*ck!"

He, then, grabbed my butt and made me pumped harder that it felt like his rod is knocking on my deepest core.

"You like that? You like my cock?" He asked me hoarsely. "F*ck Rika!"

I heard him moan my name and it turned me on so bad, I pumped faster and deeper. I'm reaching for that familiar feeling again. The one I felt weeks ago.

"Uhhh~ Uhhh~ I'm cumming~" I felt as it flowed from the center of my being 'til it spread throughout my body. Its intensity increases every second until I couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Ooooooooh~" White heat of desire flowed out from my body as I convulsed in pleasure and slowly dissipates, leaving me drained, yet happy.

My body felt tired but the feeling of his still hard cock made me want for more.

"Oh Rika~ your pussy is gripping my cock so tight!" He continued guiding my body to pump and minutes later, that same feeling was building up again.

"Uhh Mac! F*ck!"

I grinded my hips faster and deeper, while he kissed my neck and massaged my boobs.

"Sh*t! I'm about to cum!" Mac exclaimed.

"Just cum~" I purred.

"Where do you want me to cum?"

"My pussy... Fill me with your cum~"

"Here I cum!" He said.

"Me too!" Then I felt his cock twitching inside my pussy. Seconds later, I felt his warm juices filling me as I came with him.

I leaned on his shoulders as I was catching my breath from that intense orgasm. He hugged me and kissed the side of my left cheek.

"You were great.." He whispered.

I smiled in return. "So are you.."

A moment of silence then I heard the gate of our house opened.


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very well written. more of a love story novel and not just a simple sex adventure story... felt the author's emotions and passion for love and lust. looking forward to read the next chapters siren! keep it up! you're a very amazing writer!

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Great story! Keep it up. Finally got fucked again!

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