Lit Stories Online Presents : A Slave to the Servants by : DoctorWolf Chapter 3

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A Slave to the Servant Ch. 03

by : DoctorWolf


I knelt on a pad in a small room filled with hanging clothes as the men dressed around me. They talked and laughed as they fitted themselves with white linen shirts and brown leather pants. Each of them had several sets of boots and they seemed to pick out the nicer pairs to wear.

I recognized the symbol they each pulled across their chests. Thick leather criss crossed them and a metal breast plate held a replica of the mark I carried everywhere. I wondered if the intricate design had meaning past the simple explanation they had given me.

From a cabinet inside the room they pulled out weapons. Each of them took out a wicked looking sword and put it in a scabbard at their waist. Master Christof also had several small knives that he placed in the small of his back. Master Bane carried short knives in holders that strapped tightly around his thighs. They each were armed like they were going to battle.

I wondered what I would wear. They never addressed the issue. The men just finished and directed me to the door that led out of their rooms. I stood naked and shocked as they opened the door. 

"I can't go outside without clothes, Masters," I said hoping someone would appreciate I had pointed it out.

"You have no need for clothes, Ciara," Master Damien patiently explained. "We are going to purchase ornamentation for you. Come, we must leave."

"Like this," I shrieked. "I can't go out like this. Everyone can't see me like this. I'm, I'm..."

They looked baffled by my refusal to step out the door. Tears started down my face again. I couldn't bear the shame of my nudity being displayed. 

"Ciara, I do not care that the other Warriors look upon you. They will not touch you as long as you follow our rules. We will shield you from the eyes of the greedy shopkeepers with a cover. There is no reason for all this fuss," Master Damien said looking exasperated.

"No!" I pleaded, "I can't walk outside naked! Please dress me in something. "A shirt, Master Damien," I begged, "please, just give me a shirt."

Fear battled with my shame in my mind and shame was winning. I screamed and fought as Master Damien started to pull me out the door. He stopped when I resisted, perhaps I had won this round. 

Master Evan spoke as they stood and watched me, "I do not wish to carry an out of control slave through the courtyard. We are a respected regiment, our discipline is legendary, such behavior from our slave would bring dishonor," he said harshly crossing his arms. 

The rest of the men agreed with him. They didn't want to carry me kicking and screaming through the yard. For a moment I had hope and then Master Bane raised his arm. 

My uncles had hit me before, so had my mother. Suddenly I remembered how strong these men were, my whole being cowered waiting for the blow. I was a slave and I was being an idiot. Now the beating would start.

The hit never came and I opened my eyes to look at Master Bane. 

He spoke to me. "We will never hurt what we own. If you continue to act this way we will have to punish you, though." 

He had only run his hand through his short hair in frustration. 

Punishment scared me and I figured that they could do anything they wanted. If they weren't beating me yet, I should do what they asked. I stepped out the door and wiped the tears from my face. My will to fight wasn't nearly as strong as my will to survive. 

My arms sought automatically to shield my most private places. This displeased Master Damien and he demanded I stand straight and carry my hands at my sides. He and his brothers never cowered. I would never stand with such dishonor. 

Thanking him politely for the rebuke I dropped my arms and straightened my back. Shame was not as important as survival, I tried to tell myself. I'd learn to deal with the nudity. 

Their lodging was on the fifth floor. There was a single metal rail that ran along the edge of the walkway in front of the door. Beyond that I saw a girl about my age in the middle of a group of five men down in the courtyard. 

I stared at the girl. She was dressed, sort of, with a panel attached to a chain at her waist. It covered the apex of her thighs to about half way down her legs, another panel covered her buttocks. Her hips were bare and so was her top. 

Master Damien walked to me and I looked up at him. "I will walk in front, you will follow me. The rest of my brothers know their place. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master Damien," I answered quietly. 

"You will look at no man save us and speak to no man except us. This is an important rule. Do you understand?" he asked sternly.

"Yes, Master Damien," I softly replied. 

I followed Master Damien down the steps and through the courtyard looking down. I used what my Uncle Bob had called my 'peripherals' to check out everything around me. The courtyard was full of men. They didn't seem to pay me much mind. Apparently a naked woman walking around wasn't such a big deal here. 

There didn't seem to be much vegetation in the courtyard just a couple small patches here and there. Otherwise ,it looked like it was very dry here. The walls to the courtyard were all lined with something though. It grew low to the ground and looked pink.

Despite the bright sun light the smooth cobblestone under my feet wasn't hot, which surprised me. I had expected searing heat on my feet, but it was just mildly warm. Since I was obviously not going to be getting shoes, I was grateful for that. 

Master Damien was stopped by a large man addressing him in the center of the courtyard. They started to talk, but I didn't look up. The men shifted suddenly and two tiny feet appeared in my frame of vision, "Hello, cousin," she said. 

A small cushion for my knees was dropped at my feet. A similar cushion was laid down for her. The men stood talking in a tight circle around us.

"Kneel, Ciara," I heard Master Bane command.

"It's okay, cousin, you can talk to other slaves, they don't mind," the girl said as we knelt down. 

I looked back and found the feet of my men behind me and looked up hesitantly. Master Evan reached down and patted my head. I was ready to cry I was so happy. I turned and looked into bright aquamarine eyes. She blinked and her eyes closed side to side. It was a little disorienting.

"You're human?" she asked me. 

I nodded but couldn't manage to talk, she just continued to speak. I was fascinated as wispy bright red hair fluttered in the light breeze. 

"My name is Fuji," she said. "Is this your first day cycle here?"

"Yes, where are you from?" I asked her. 

"Oh, we didn't have a name for the whole place. The village I lived in was called Batra. The slavers came and paid money to the men for their extra female children. My people got more for me than sending me to another village. Did your people get more for you?" she asked.

"I don't think anyone got anything for me. I just walked into a bright light and woke up at the auction. I fell asleep there and ended up here." 

"You look sad. I have human friends. You look like they do when they say they are sad," she said taking my hands. 

Her hands were cool and I noticed her skin glittered in the light, all of her skin. Besides the engraved collar and cuffs, Fuji only wore several shiny gold chains around her waist and a bright purple sash over each shoulder. She was essentially nude. 

"I'm not sad. I'm scared. I don't know what's going on. These men are all so large and strong. Are they going to hurt me?" I whispered to her. 

"Ciara," Master Damien sighed above me. "We have already told you; we will not hurt what we own."

God, did they have supersonic hearing, too? "Yes, Master Damien," I answered him quietly.

Fuji threw her arms around me and the cold feeling got more intense. She was like an iceberg. 

"This is called a 'hug' according to my friends. It will make you feel better. You were free before, yes?" she asked me. 

I choked up a moment before I answered. I had made a point not to think that word yet. 

"Yes, I was free," I answered her.

"It was different for me. I am allowed more liberty here than I had at home. The treatment is better also. I cannot understand how it must be for you. When you come to the Keepers you will meet other humans. They will understand," she said.

A male hand came down and tapped Fuji on her shoulder and she bounced up. I felt the same tap and tried to rise as quickly. Fuji knew how to act, so I wanted to copy her. 

In my haste to rise my gaze went up and I locked eyes with one of Fuji's Masters. I was stuck; he looked more terrifying than the men that had bought me. I felt a hand on the back of my head forcing my eyes back down. I flushed pink in embarrassment. 

"I'm sorry," I stuttered out.

"Walk behind me Ciara and keep your eyes down," Master Damien ordered. 

I felt awful for not doing the right thing and making them angry again. I was paranoid they were going to punish me. The whipping post had been brought up once, I wasn't sure they wouldn't do that. They could do anything to me. 

My breathing etched up another notch when I realized they could just resell me if I displeased them. I couldn't go through being sold again. That was the worst feeling ever. Nausea started to overwhelm me. I always got nauseated when I got nervous.

My steps faltered and I stumbled slightly. I wrapped my hands around my stomach and pressed my nails in. Anything to distract from the horrible sense of dread I was feeling. If they let me, I would curl up and die right here.

Being owned was awful, being sold to new owners would be worse. At least these strange men seemed to care about my well being. If I was sold again, there was no telling how bad it could get.

I followed Master Damien's heels until I almost ran into his chest; he had turned around. I looked up and we were standing in a round alcove at the edge of the courtyard. My owners literally surrounded me. 

"What are you so scared of Ciara?" Master Evan asked harshly pulling me to face him. "You are radiating fear. Our slave should be proud and defiant, not nearly falling over itself in the middle of the courtyard."

"I'm afraid you'll whip me or sell me, because I looked at that other man. He looked terrible. Please don't sell me, Master Evan," I begged him. 

"You fear that we would sell you Ciara?" Master Damien asked. "Do you believe we would make such a mistake as to buy the wrong slave?"

"There is no right answer to that, Master Damien," I answered him honestly still trembling.

He appraised me silently for several long moments with an unfaltering stare. I started when I felt Master Kein and Master Bane inspecting the small wounds I had made with my nails. When I looked up again Damien was softer.

"You have harmed yourself due to your...upset. That is inappropriate. We would discipline you for this infraction, but I feel it would not have the intended effect," he said thoughtfully. "Instead I will tell you this, we will not sell you. My brothers and I choose you and we will keep you. We will only discipline you physically when it is clear you need more guidance than mere words provide."

The other men murmured agreement. 

They softly admonished me not to cause myself harm with my nails. If I insisted on doing that they would wrap my hands. I would only get one warning, so I best not do it again. 

I apologized like I felt a good slave should. The men petted my hair and shoulders in response. They weren't unreasonable, I soothed myself. I just had to learn the rules before they reached their limit. 

I breathed easier and followed them to the main gate feeling more relaxed.

They dressed me to go to market. Why they couldn't have done this upstairs, I could not discern. I would not have fussed at all if they put me in this to walk downstairs. 

The brown outfit they put me in was handed to them by a man at the large stone entrance. He placed their mark in the outfit, because it was theirs now. They would put it on me whenever I left the Warrior's compound, they told me. 

Getting into the outfit was complicated. The first thing they did was strap my kneeling pad around my waist with a tie. Next, soft dark brown covers were laced up each leg to my knees. Master Evan slipped soft fingerless mittens on my hands that reached my elbows. A bulky dark brown tunic was pulled over my head. Lastly, a hood with a long veil was fitted over my face.

The outfit I was in went down to my feet and the sleeves covered my hands. Oddly the fabric was cool inside, I didn't feel overheated. From inside the veil I could see very well. It was like having on sunglasses, which I didn't mind because it was bright in the sunlight. I imagined I must look like a brown lump from the outside.

"Ciara," Master Damien said facing me, "outside these walls are others who will not appreciate you. Having a slave is a privilege, most cannot afford it. Speak to no one, including us. You will be punished severely if you speak in the village. Can you do this?"

"Yes, Master Damien," I said.

We walked out a thick door nestled low in the wall. The men allowed me to follow Master Damien out and then took up positions. The men were on either side and behind me; I was surrounded. 

The way they moved and the tight grouping they held told me two things. First, I couldn't run from them out here. It wasn't like I had anywhere to go anyway. The second thing was that no one else on this street was going to touch me. Since running was out of the question and I felt safe, I was able to just look around. 

The area was alive. There were men everywhere standing outside the large buildings that lined the narrow streets. Everything looked like it had been made out of putty colored sand. Strange paintings adorned the outsides of the buildings. I wondered if that wasn't their language. 

I had shopped a lot at flea markets and it felt like that. The street itself was crowded with tent vendors outside the main buildings. No one said a word to our entourage. I made good use of my 'peripherals' and noticed almost all the vendors held something out toward my owners. It was a silent request to look. They never got in our way or spoke to us. 

One man up ahead with a stand had what looked like earrings and they got my attention. Despite my circumstances, I still noticed the beautiful jewelry. Shiny things always grabbed my eyes. My mom had teased me about that.

I tried not to turn my head as we passed the earring vendor's cart and sort of succeeded. One pair had a silver loop with a blue stone floating in the middle. I liked those.

From behind me Master Bane made a sound and Master Damien stopped. He came to a stop in front of the vendor's cart and my owners rearranged themselves around me. 

"Point to what you are looking at," Master Evan said gruffly under his breath. 

I had tried to be sly, but I must have been obvious. I quickly gestured with my mittened hand to the set I had seen, but retracted it quickly. The salesman had looked curiously at it; like he wanted to touch me. 

Master Damien bartered with the man and handed him several pieces of stone from inside his belt. He retrieved the earrings from the salesman and passed them to the back of our group. Master Christof placed them in a small pouch at his waist. 

As we walked away Master Evan quietly asked Master Damien, "Do you know what we just bought, brother?"

"No, but it does and the things are in our colors," he answered and kept his brisk pace through the vendors. 

We came to a large wall and Master Damien didn't even have to knock, it just opened to us. I followed him past the guard at the gate. We were in a courtyard with what seemed like little shops all around. 

I saw other groups of armed men present with little brown bundled creatures in their midst. It was quieter here and only Warriors with slaves seemed to be present. These shops must cater to them, I thought.

The guard relaxed a little around me as we walked toward a large storefront. Light colored fabrics blew in the breeze outside. Now I was sure those symbols were a language. They looked different on every building. 

We entered the store with all the fabrics and Master Damien was warmly greeted by an older man inside. 

"So you finally gave in old friends. I wondered when you would," he laughed grabbing Master Damien's arm. 

The room was full of fabrics and shiny metals. It looked to me like a woman's shopping paradise. 

"So this is better than the life of a Warrior, Fredrik?" Master Evan asked curiously looking around. 

"Ah, there is peace here for my brothers and I. No more raids, no more fighting, and we spend all day with our Mia. It is a blessed life, cousins," the man said. 

As the man talked to my owners a brown bundle approached me with an outstretched appendage. I wasn't sure what to do, but Master Evan encouraged me to go with the other slave. 

We went into a little room in the back. It was opulent. There seemed to be a sitting area around a little stage. The little brown bundle took off her robe quickly and revealed a very humanoid looking creature. 

She had huge oval eyes in a dark face. Right away I noticed she was bald. The woman wore a collar like mine, as well as, wrist and ankle cuffs. She smiled broadly at me, but I was too stunned to speak as I took her in. 

Her clothing was all yellow gauzy fabric. Two strips passed over her shoulders and covered her breasts. On her waist hung an ornate golden chain, it held up a panel that covered the apex of her thighs and her buttocks. The same yellow gauze started at her waist and cascaded down her legs in strips that gathered at the ankles. Each time she took a step a beautiful dark leg came between the fabric.

"Do you speak, cousin?" she asked politely, starting to remove my covering.

"Yes, who are you?" I asked her. 

"I am, Mia, the slave of these shopkeepers. They serve the Warriors and the Administrators. I have never seen your Warriors before, so you must be new. I will help your Warriors pick out ornamentation for you," she explained as she rapidly removed my gloves and boots. 

"Thank you," I said as she pulled my body covering over my head.

The last thing to go was my kneeling place which she threw beside one of the chairs in the room. 

I went from feeling totally dressed to totally nude. When I heard the men come in the room, I moved behind Mia instinctively to shield myself. I had the feeling it was a blunder. I just couldn't stop myself from doing it. Mia cooly covered it up by turning and leading me to the stage. 

"Don't be so shy human, I'm sure they have seen all of you already. My Masters have seen every slave in the compound," she whispered. "They will probably buy ornamentation to partially shield the places you would want covered. If you have pleased them, they will try to keep you happy."

I knew she was correct but the fitting was still horrible. I stood on a little lighted platform as Mia wrapped me in different blue, silver, and white fabrics. It felt like I was back at the auction as I modeled the filmy fabrics Mia wrapped me in.

The shopkeepers were five friendly men that rushed in and out of the room bringing in samples. They offered articles of translucent fabric and shiny jewelry to my owners. If the object was approved then Mia would take it and dress me in it. The shopkeepers never touched me, but I didn't like them looking. 

Nothing was ignored. Ornate pins and combs were used to decorate my hair. Mia demonstrated how it could be pulled and designed. For a creature with no hair of her own, she knew what to do with it. 

I did well most of the time and reigned in the unnecessary panic of being exposed like this. During short breaks the men would pull me to kneel next to them. Master Kein started to feed me a sweet liquid that made me a little giddy. I figured that was the purpose. 

Eventually, I didn't care about much of anything anymore. I was so relaxed they could have dressed me in a clown outfit complete with red nose and I wouldn't have noticed. It took everything I had to follow Mia's directions. Even understanding her was becoming difficult. 

Just before we were to be done Master Damien asked Master Christof for the package we had bought outside in the street. He got up and handed me the earrings and asked me what they were for. I giggled like a schoolgirl and put the loops in my ears. 

I was feeling really good by then, so I shook my head flirtatiously. The metal was light and the little stones had a perfect weight. They were honestly the nicest thing anyone had ever bought me. 

I threw my arms around Master Damien's neck and kissed his cheek, "Thank you Master, they are beautiful," I slurred out. 

The men surrounded me instantly and I felt their hands pulling me away. 

"No, no wait," Master Damien said placing his face back in front of mine and my arms around his neck. "It was a kiss. Do it again, Ciara," he commanded. 

He was a ruggedly attractive man that had spent the morning fucking me; I didn't need any further encouragement. Grabbing his shoulders I pulled him closer and planted soft kisses across his cheeks, over his eyes, and lastly across his lips. I closed my blurry eyes and concentrated on nibbling and sucking at his lips. 

Evidently Master Damien liked it. I felt his organ thicken against my stomach and I giggled, stroking him through the fabric of his pants. He groaned and closed his eyes, his hand followed mine as I slipped it up and down over his length. 

"Ah, yes, my slave told me you had bought it a gift. I would like to know where you got these. They are quite hard to find, you know. Many of the slaves from Earth have places to hold these ornaments. We had Mia's ears prepared for it some time ago, though she is not from Earth. Some have several places to put the ornamentation. Does this one?" he asked looking at my ears. 

Master Damien didn't seem the least bit bothered that the shopkeeper had caught us. I blushed furiously through my blurry haze. 

"Ciara, how many places do you have for this type of decoration?" Master Damien asked. 

I felt my ears and tried to remember how to say the word in their language. It wouldn't come, so I held up two fingers. I felt a little confused.

Master Evan inspected my ears and I shuddered at the light touch. It wasn't really obvious I had tipped back and Master Bane was holding me until I looked up. The faces above me looked really worried, but for some reason I couldn't care less. Voices wove through my pleasant feelings and in no way disrupted them. 

"Ah, yes," the shopkeeper said picking up Master Kein's jug. "Some Earth slaves are quite sensitive to the root drink. It is something they can get used to, but it takes time. No more than a couple of sips for most of them when they are new."

"It is like this from the root drink?" Master Kein asked incredulously. "We take it all the time..." 

"Yes, my friend, we are different you see. A bit of cocker dust will have it feeling much like itself in a moment. We sell it, by the way. Quite a few things are nice to have around when you are keeping a human."

"You'll need to feed it now, though. The dust will make it uncomfortably hungry. Maybe you could come back and shop more later. I will have what you have ordered delivered, of course," he mused and then called out, "Geoffrey, a sample of the cocker dust to Mia, please."

A moment later, Mia poured the nasty dust on my tongue. I tried to spit it out, but Master Evan held my mouth closed. It was disgusting, like rotten dirt. It cut through delirium quickly. I was blinking at the men and absolutely ravenous. My stomach growled. I felt headachy I was so hungry. 

I was placed back in my brown outfit and followed Master Damien outside. He crossed the courtyard and led us into what looked like a small eatery. We entered into an alcove where several brown outfits were hung on the wall. As my brown outer layer was removed I was relieved to see they had left me dressed in something. 

Much like Mia, I had two strips of blue virtually see through fabric that lay over my breasts, a piece of thin silver attached the fabric to my collar to keep it in place. A single piece of the fabric hung at my waist attached to a shiny silver chain. It stretched from hip bone to hip bone and went halfway down my thighs. Looking at my butt it was covered in similar fashion. My hips were left bare. On my feet were delicate sandals that tied up my legs. 

The inside of the place we had walked into looked like an old pub. The walls looked worn as did the tile floor. Lots of empty tables were scattered around. Several groups were seated and eating. A feminine creature was at all of the tables, kneeling inconspicuously between two men. We took an empty table in the back. 

My cushion was placed between Master Bane and Master Kein. I kneeled obediently and prayed they would feed me soon. The men talked amicably amongst themselves as Master Bane petted my back and shoulders. Their touches had been good all day. Truth be told, I didn't mind all the attention from the four of them. 

It struck me suddenly that Master Christof had never touched me. I heard my Uncle Eddy's voice in my mind wondering if he was a queer. I had hated Eddy from the day he moved in. 

Uncle Eddy had been horrible to live with. The fact I didn't date a lot meant he frequently asked my mom, while I was present, if I was a lesbian. Just because someone wasn't obsessed with the opposite sex didn't make them homosexual. 

Eddy had been merciless with picking at me. He made my personal life a topic of conversation with all my uncles when they sat and drank beer in the front yard. Before I moved, it had gotten to a point I snuck out my window and walked around the back of the house when I went anywhere. The constant jibes and hurtful remarks were too numerous to take. 

I was scowling and staring at the floor when I felt Master Bane pinch a nipple. I looked up at him shocked.

"Ciara, what are you thinking about?" he asked curiously offering me a piece of food that had obviously been delivered while I was daydreaming.

Oh God, I couldn't tell them what I was thinking about Master Christof. That could be really offensive here. I stammered out an answer about a creepy relative of my mother's that this place reminded me of. That seemed to satiate them. 

As we ate I took the chance to look furtively around the restaurant. I glanced at a girl at a table near ours that seemed to be human. She was sitting like I was, but she looked up at the men that sat around her. 

It seemed she never took her eyes off of one of them. Her attention seemed odd to me. Staring at someone openly like that, I would consider rude. Perhaps that was the right way to act, though.

I did take careful note of her appearance and attire. She didn't look the way I thought a slave should. Her skin was clean and blemish free. She was wrapped in satiny orange strip of fabric. Long, blonde hair was bound in a bun at the back of her head. It looked thick and cared for. Her entire appearance seemed to exude health.

Looking down at my own hands I was embarrassed for some reason. Despite that strangely effective cream, I still had cracks on my palms and thick callouses on my fingers. Comparing myself to the beautiful creature at the other table I felt lessened for some reason. Hopefully, my skin would heal quickly. 

I glanced back at the woman and she was still staring at the men she sat with. She seemed to spend a little time watching each of them, whether they were talking or not. It was very strange behavior. 

When Master Bane pinched my nipple this time he also gave it a sharp tug. I looked up and my owners were staring daggers at me. 

"What are you doing, Ciara?" Master Damien growled.

"The girl in orange," I stammered, "I was watching her, the way she acts. I'm sorry, Master Damien."

Master Damien and his brethren all turned to look in the direction I had been looking. They did look less angry when they turned back to me.

"That is not a girl or a she," Master Damien informed me. "That is a slave. You will notice it only looks at its owners, as is appropriate."

"Yes, Master Damien," I said quietly vowing to keep my eyes on them in the future.

We continued to eat and I continued to be fed. I made a point to watch my owners and that seemed acceptable to them. Again, I was offered food and drink until I thought I would pop. 

"Ciara, you must eat more," Master Evan chastised from across the table. 

"I can't eat anymore. I'm full, Master Evan," I said as I choked down another mouthful. I was frustrated and confused with their desire to feed me. "Why can't you just feed me until I am full, Master Evan?" 

"Humans do like to question, don't they?" Master Kein said under his breath.

Master Damien raised an eyebrow at me and laid his hands on the table, "Slave, are you telling us what is best for you?" he asked calmly. 

It was the first time he didn't use the name they had given me. The change terrified me. 

"No, I'm sorry. Please forgive me, Master Damien," I begged. 

I cursed myself for forgetting that despite their kindness, I was still their property. I couldn't get used to it. Looking down at the floor and I prayed I would be forgiven. I still wasn't sure what punishment would entail here. 

"Ciara," he said calmly, "you will lose mass here. You will waste away if we don't give you enough to eat. We could not stand to watch this happen. You are ours."

"Yes, Master Damien," I said obediently taking food as it was offered to my by Master Kein. 

I didn't know how much more I could eat, but I'd keep trying if it kept them happy. 

After a while I had to pee. I was restless it was so bad. I was almost ready to ask. Master Damien looked at Master Christof after eyeing me. 

"Take it to the facilities. Clean it afterwards," he said. 

Master Christof dutifully rose from his place and took my arm leading me from the table. I was sure they knew what I had been thinking about before. Master Christof was going to do something horrible to me. I glanced at him and he looked like he was touching me just by sheer force of will. 

Master Christof lead me through the tables into a small room. It had five lacquered pots like I had sat on before. Master Christof closed the door behind us and then removed the chain from my waist. The covering of my sex went with it. 

"Sit," he commanded pointing to the pots. I started to sit facing him and he said, "No, face the other way."

Straddling the pot and facing the wall wasn't uncomfortable, it just felt weird. In a way it gave me a sense of privacy and it was easier to do my business. I'd have to remember that for the future. 

When I was done, a warm wet cloth was used to clean me. I started to get off and Master Christof said, "No, stay there." 

He moved my hands to a bar in front of me and quickly bound by wrists to it with a leather strap. I wanted to turn my head around, but thought better of it. Breathing slowly, I convinced myself not to panic. He could do anything he wished to me; I would have to wait and see what he wanted. 

I felt his hands run across my backside and between my legs, without the cloth this time. He explored my pussy and ass completely using water to moisten his fingers. His breathing was heavy and it filled my ears. I heard him stand behind me and his clothing rustled. 

I had heard my uncles masturbating enough to know what he was doing. I didn't turn my face from the wall. Soon, I felt the warm ejaculate land on my bare back as he groaned. A damp cloth softly wiped it away and a second one dried my skin. When Master Christof was done he asked me to stand and he took my arms off the bar. He re attached the chain at my waist to cover me. 

I didn't look at him; I just stared at the floor. What had just transpired felt odd. Considering how today was going for me that was really saying something.

"Thank you, Ciara," he said in a strained voice as we left the bathroom.

That was a shock. No one had thanked me for sex today. He didn't really even use me and he said thank you. That made me feel guilty for thinking he was weird.

"You're welcome, Master Christof," I said as we made our way back to the table. 

No one mentioned how long we had been gone and the table continued with light conversation. The men got really excited when a small dish was brought out. The man bringing food to our table scooped five spoonfuls of granules onto the plate. 

Master Kein carefully picked up the small plate and brought it to his face. "Watch Ciara," he commanded. 

He stuck his tongue out and a little of the stuff on the plate stuck to it. I was just glad he didn't snort it up his nose. He lowered the plate to my level and I copied him. 

I saw colors shooting in front of me. The walls of the restaurant seemed to be breathing with me. I grabbed onto Master Bane and Master Kein and held onto their legs to steady myself. If they hadn't taken me to the bathroom before, I would have pissed myself right then. I still had my presence of mind, but my senses were all screwed up. I felt like I could taste color and see flavor. 

Thankfully, the feelings didn't last long. They were fading as I saw Master Kein offering me the plate a second time and I risked angering them. 

"Masters, I'll eat anything else you want but not that. I don't think it's good for humans. I feel all screwed up when I taste it and my mind isn't right. Please, Masters, anything else," I begged. 

"Doesn't it taste good, Ciara?" Master Damien asked, folding his hands and looking at me. 

"I don't taste anything, Master Damien. The walls move and it feels like my eyes are exploding. I promise Master, I'll eat anything else," I repeated my plea. The room was still spinning around just a little bit. 

Master Bane tilted my face to his and requested I repeat what I had just told Master Damien. I did and he sat still watching me intently for a moment. 

"Perhaps it isn't good for humans. We should get something different for Ciara," Master Bane said taking the plate from Master Kein and tasting it again. 

They brought me a slippery thing that Master Bane had to feed me from the bowl. It reminded me of the time I had flan at a Mexican restaurant. It did not make me high and I enjoyed it, if not for that reason only. 

Walking home with my owners the streets were much quieter. A few salesmen were still out, but it looked like everyone was packing up. I was surprised when a man stumbled out of a door way and directly in our path. 

The man now blocking our way was angry. He had a healing cut across his nose and a nasty look on his face. He clenched his fists and looked like he wanted a fight. 

Master Damien calmly took stock of the situation. His brothers held their positions and seemed to be waiting patiently. When the other man didn't speak, Master Damien did.

"Move yourself, cousin, we have no quarrel with you," he said simply.

"Weaklings!" the man spat out taking a step toward us. "Do you not need our women now, Warriors? Will you leave us, the shopkeeps and the lowly men to them? So what if they take our brothers, eh? No concern of yours anymore is it? You have a precious little slave to tend your needs," he sneered. 

The men surrounding me didn't even flinch during the man's rant. I glanced at Master Kein, who stood beside me, and his face looked neutral. They didn't even seem to be agitated. 

"We take our turn with the women just as you do," Master Damien answered calmly. "If you have lost a brother, we will search for him, just as we always have. The slave is not your concern. Now move out of our way."

The aggressive man took another step toward us and my men did not move. Master Damien spoke to him again. He instructed the man to desist, picking a fight with Warriors would only end up getting him hurt. 

Whoever this strange man was seemed too upset to really understand what a bad idea this was. Looking between the men it was easy to see who would win a fight. The men surrounding me were built and toned. The aggressive man, although he was tall, didn't seem to have the same muscular physique as my companions. 

The angry man rushed at Master Damien quite suddenly. I cringed expecting a brawl. There wasn't one. Instead Master Damien brushed the man's flying fists away and shoved him back several steps. 

"Draw your weapon, coward!" the man screamed running forward again. 

The process repeated with Master Damien delivering a resounding open palm slap to the man's face this time. He never drew his weapon and he seemed intent on not harming the crazy man. This enraged the already upset man. 

The third time the man approached Master Damien I barely saw the motion that snapped the man's jaw to the side. Stepping groggily the man seemed much less angry and just dazed now. That punch would have shattered my face; I was sure of it. 

"I have no wish to harm you, cousin," Master Damien said calmly. "If you try to fight with me again, we will take you to the Administrators." 

Suddenly, two other men showed up at the aggressor's sides. They cajoled him and pulled him back inside the building. They apologized and bowed their heads to my companions as they stepped away. We continued our walk home without further incident. 

As we walked back to the compound, I wondered about what the man had said. Thinking back on the day, I didn't remember seeing anyone that would have passed for female that wasn't a slave. By what I'd seen, all the slaves seemed to be aliens here. Where were the native women?

I heard my mother's voice in my head, in one of her few sober moments, recommending I be patient. "All things in good time," she would say to me. That seemed like good advice for now. 

Back inside the Warrior's compound I felt much more comfortable walking around in my outfit, even if it was mostly see through. Master Evan nudged Master Damien and pointed to a group of men standing by the wall. Master Damien turned and walked toward them calling out a greeting. 

I remembered before and kept my head resolutely down. I was a little disappointed when I didn't see a little set of feet with the men. I would have enjoyed talking to someone. 

I was distracted by the pink plants lining the wall. A little silver thing shaped like a fly was zooming around them. Without warning one of the plants shot out a tendril and caught the fly. The tendril dragged the bug into the depths of a tiny pink vase. It was fascinating. Bugs seemed to like to land on the leafy base of the pink plant, but if they flew above it; they got nabbed.

My new name was suddenly booming into my ears and I jumped up turning around. Master Evan's roguish face was inches from mine. Inadvertently, I had crouched down to watch the funny little plants; when I bounded up he was leaning over me. Any closer and I would have been kissing him.

He reached forward and pulled the strips of fabric back over my breasts, making a point to brush my nipples. He smiled down at me impishly. 

"You are irritating Master Damien by not listening to him, go apologize," he whispered in my ear. 

I snuck a glance past Master Evan's shoulder to see Master Damien standing several feet away looking annoyed. Everyone else also looked a little put out. I walked toward them with my head down and thought about what to do. They didn't like it when I acted scared, so I had to act apologetic without being wimpy. 

I remembered what Master Damien had told me. They wanted me to touch them without fear. It was decided, I would do what they wanted. 

I looked up into Master Damien's eyes as I approached him and put my arms lightly around his waist. 

"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, Master Damien," I said leaving my face tilted to his. 

I prayed he wouldn't strike me or push me away. 

The men from before were still standing around and they commented as I touched Master Damien. I just left my eyes on him. He kept his arms folded across his chest as he leaned down. 

"Apologize to my brothers, just as you have to me," he said and returned to his former position. 

I apologized to Master Bane and Master Kein the same way. I approach Master Christof, slower. There was no way not to do this now. I slowly wound my arms around his waist and looked into his brilliant purple eyes; they looked wild. 

"I'm sorry, Master Christof," I said quietly and stepped back. 

He had looked like he wanted to hit me. 

Master Evan was right in front of me when I turned away from Master Christof. "You didn't apologize to me, Ciara, and I had to go get you," he smirked.

I put my arms around his waist and looked up to find his face inches from mine again.

"Why do you put your arms around us?" Evan asked. 

"You don't like me to use words from my first language," I stuttered slightly unnerved at how close his face was.

"Just this word, then," he said considering, "tell us what it is." 

"It is a hug, Master Evan, it is a sign of affection," I told him.

He didn't move or say anything, so I apologized like I had to his brothers. I tried to move away but he stopped me and grinned wickedly. 

"You should kiss me to prove you're sorry," he said with authority pulling me closer.

"Brother..." I heard Master Christof say and I could hear the warning in his voice.

I had to get on my toes to reach Master Evan's mouth. His lips were full and perfect for kissing, so I did. Master Evan's blue eyes looked a little surprised when our lips touched. I loved the look of shock when I ran my tongue over his bottom lip, he wasn't the only one that could taste. 

I felt Master Damien pressing up against my back as he wove his fingers into my hair and pulled my head back slightly. "We were going to play a game of chuke, Ciara. You will come and watch us. That is, if you are done apologizing to my brother."

"Yes, Master Damien," I said smiling. 

The look on Master Evan's face was priceless. Women must not kiss them I surmised. 

The men walked me out of the courtyard and into a vegetated area. It resembled grass, but was lighter in color. They left me kneeling in a small tent with several other slaves. I was told to stay on my pad in the grass. 

The men all stripped, leaving their clothes in piles. The only thing they wore out onto the field was a small cup over their privates. Oddly, I didn't see anything holding the cup on, it just stayed there. The twenty or so men already on the field cheered their arrival. 

"Hello again, cousin," came cheerfully from my left.

I grinned, glad to see a familiar face. "Hello Fuji, it's nice to see you again." 

"Cousin, you can talk with us, but keep your eyes on your Warriors," the warning came from my right. 

I readjusted my gaze to see Master Bane looking over at me. He went back to the game a moment later. 

Furtively, I took in my surroundings. I could make out tall walls on every side of us. We were in a field, but still inside their compound.

"Caution, cousin," a voice hissed from my left, "you cannot run from this place."

"They watch us," another voice whispered, "if you keep looking around, they will come over here."

"They like us to watch," Fuji instructed. "When your men make a point you should cheer with them."

I couldn't run inside a walled compound. Since I was on an alien planet, running at all was seeming like a foolish thought. Instead I concentrated on what Fuji had said.

"How do I know when they make a point?" I asked watching the confusing display in front of me. 

It looked like there were multiple balls in play and the men were running all over the place. 

"Just cheer when your men cheer," was the answer from farther right, "I've been watching this game for ages and I still don't understand it."

All the women in the tent laughed at that. Suddenly, Fuji rose up and jumped around, when she was done she knelt back down. Some men on the field had also been cheering. 

I saw a ball pass to Master Evan and he threw it in the air shouting. The rest of my men also made a lot of noise. I'd played drums in the marching band, so I'd cheered in many football games. I hooted and hollered like back then. 

"Perfect," the voice from my right said, "they loved that! I'm Rose by the way."

"Rose?" I asked questioningly, "Didn't they re name you?"

"Yes, they asked for the name of the most beautiful thing on my home planet and that was the first thing that came to mind. I was so scared, it's a wonder I didn't end up with some horrible name. What did they call you?" she asked.

"It used to be Rachel, but I guess it's Ciara now," I answered her relaxing.

"Oh," Rose sighed, "whatever you do, don't say that again. They get really angry if you talk about your home planet."

"Yes, thank you," I answered staring blankly ahead. 

Survival may be more difficult than I thought.

The conversation was pleasant with my new counterparts. I didn't look over so I only knew Rose, Tamia, and Shi by the sounds of their voices. Out of the five of us only Rose and I were from Earth. 

I learned being from Earth had protected me from being sold onto a planet where slaves were worked to death. That didn't take long for a human. Earthlings were too frail for most other planets. Our needs for oxygen and water made us difficult to keep. 

Planets like Pateria would pay huge prices for us. We were everything they wanted in a sex slave. Weak, intelligent, mostly hairless, and with compatible sex organs.

The men hadn't been lying about me never going home. The dimensional portals the slavers used had trouble operating on earth, something to do with the atmosphere. It was getting harder and harder to acquire an earthling. 

Pateria had developed a similar shield against the portals. At one point, before the shield, the slavers had tried to steal slaves back. Rose shuddered when she talked about it. The Warriors were fearless and deadly. The slavers that came had been massacred. 

As we talked, I watched the game and dutifully cheered when it seemed appropriate. All the screaming was making me thirsty. I was relieved when I saw Master Evan come striding toward me with a jug. 

He made an impressive site. His broad shoulders and narrow hips covered in flexing muscle. His skin was glistening with sweat in the falling light. Master Evan was the kind of guy I would have had wet dreams about. Back home a man like him never would have looked at me twice.

He fed me a long drink of the cool liquid while grinning down at me. I nearly choked when I got a good look at his mouth. His teeth had grown into long deadly looking sabers. He noticed me staring and set the jug on the ground. 

Crouching in front of me he continued to grin. His mouth looked wicked and I couldn't stop gaping at it. 

"Do I frighten you, Ciara?" he asked teasingly running a finger down my arm. 

I lied, "No, Master Evan," as my breath caught in my throat. 

He brought his face to within an inch of mine. "Will you kiss me now, human?"

I caught the dare in his eyes and just couldn't back down. I placed my lips against his and closed my eyes. He didn't attack me, so I continued to kiss him. 

I forgot about my new friends sitting less than a foot away and got bolder. I slipped my tongue between his lips and touched those evil looking teeth. Master Evan didn't move so I continued to explore his mouth and brushed his tongue with mine. 

I pulled back to look at him and he was absolutely shocked. Master Damien was behind him a second later asking if he was planning to come back to the game or not. Still looking unnerved Master Evan followed him back to the field, throwing glances over his shoulder the whole way. 

"Oh," laughed Rose heartily, "you'll do just fine here, Ciara."

"I swear to you he grew a mouthful of fangs, I swear it!" I muttered back to her still surprised by Master Evan's appearance.

"That is what happens when they get excited. They have a secondary set of teeth that grow," Fuji answered happily. "Didn't they have sex with you today?" she asked curiously. 

I wasn't really comfortable discussing that with four new friends and they thought that was hilarious. "If you haven't noticed they aren't really inhibited here, they are only wearing the cups to keep themselves protected," said Rose.

"Yes," I finally answered embarrassed, "but I wasn't looking at their mouths then. They had me on my hands and knees facing away from them."

"Oh, that's rich!" laughed Rose. "I had forgotten about how paranoid they are at first. They think you're going to bite them. They act like your nails are daggers. It gets old really fast. Just when you think you've got them cured, they go to a coupling and come back twice as crazy."

All the women were chuckling at the inside joke. "What's a coupling?" I asked trying to understand.

"This is going to sound odder than anything else you've heard today, so be prepared. The women native to this planet are...there isn't even a word bad enough to describe them. They stand about nine feet tall and are covered in thick hair. Those fangs you saw on your Master are nothing compared to what the women carry and the women's don't retract. They also have vicious claws. To top it all off they can fly. They have these awesome leathery wings. The women here terrify the men."

I sat watching the game stunned. Master Damien's earlier comment made complete sense now. He didn't mean I shouldn't be afraid of them. His comment was that they could enjoy me without being afraid of me. 

When I didn't say anything Rose continued to talk. "The men here take turns with the women. Your Masters will leave you for several day cycles to go service the native women. All the men have to go at some point, there is a schedule. Sometimes the men here are kidnapped and held by gangs of women."

"The Warriors protect the village we are in from other villages, but also from women seeking to take men. When a man gets taken the Warriors go look for them in the mountains. When they find them, they always come back skittish," Rose finished and then rose to cheer her Warriors.

Master Christof had been taken, I was sure of it. No wonder the poor man didn't really like me. He had been taken and held by a gang of women who did who knows what to him. His psyche must have been destroyed. 

"They took Master Christof, didn't they?" I asked

"He isn't quite right, then?" asked Fuji curiously.

I was suddenly not sure what to say. If my Warriors found out I talked about them I may get in trouble.

"He's just more insistent I face away is all. More nervous about my mouth, just those types of things," I stammered.

It wasn't really a lie, but it wasn't really the truth. Telling them he could couldn't even use his cock on me was going to be far too much information. 

"My Masters say he refused to go the last coupling. His brothers had to go without him. It was a disgrace to them, but they won't talk about it. He was punished for refusing to go, if he refuses again my owners say he may be killed," Tamia chimed in.

I saw Master Bane jumping up and down on the field so I clapped my hands and hooted. This conversation had to end soon, obviously it wasn't something they wanted spread all over the compound. 

"You called them brothers, but they don't look anything alike," I said hoping it would change the subject. 

"Oh, no it's the markings they have that make them brothers. It is probably the same mark they put on your stomach. They think they must be born with it. When the mothers bring the sons back they all have them. When the Child Keepers notice similar marks they put the children together. They grow up that way," Fuji answered. 

I was relieved to see the Warriors all heading back toward us. I had enjoyed talking to the women, but the talk about Master Christof had bothered me twofold. I didn't want to get into trouble mainly. Secondly, he had problems, that much was obvious; being a big mouth about it wouldn't help. I would never bring that subject up in public again. 

"Did you enjoy talking with the other slaves?" Master Damien asked as we walked back toward the courtyard.

"Yes, Master Damien," I answered politely watching his heels.

"Did you learn anything interesting?"

"Yes, Master Damien," I answered again keeping my head down but trying to use my peripherals. There seemed to be a lot of people milling about. 

He turned to face me and I ran into him. None of the men had redressed after the game. I was looking into his sculpted chest with it's sprinkling of dark hair. I tilted my face up to look in his eyes.

"Ciara, what did you learn?" 

"The women here are mean and you have to have sex with them. Your teeth grow when you're excited. The slavers won't get me again. I'm lucky I'm human or the slavers would have sold me a worse place..." I trailed off and Master Damien smiled. 

"We are going into the public bath. When we get inside we will remove your ornamentation and you will join us. You will bathe me," he said. 

I nodded unhappily. I had gotten used to being sort of dressed in public. He noticed the look and raised an eyebrow at me.

"I don't like to go without clothes in front of other people, Master Damien," I complained quietly.

"Are you disobeying me, slave?" he asked. 

I could feel his brothers surrounding me. Now seemed like a bad time to make them angry.

"No, Master Damien," I said meekly looking down. 

We walked into a huge hall, the ceiling had to be up two stories. The public bath was bigger than the public swimming pool at home. It was at least half a foot ball field long. There were Warriors already there, lounging and swimming. Slaves were interspersed in the men.

The men stopped at a small enclave in the wall. A symbol, their symbol, was above it. Inside were several cushions and places to sit. They laid their clothes inside and started to undress me. 

My care was evidently a group project. Master Damien unhooked the chains from my collar that held my breast covers in place. Master Christof removed my earrings. Master Bane took the chain from around my waist, while Master Kein had leaned down to work on my sandals. I thought I was done, but Master Evan reached out and removed a piece of metal from beneath each breast.

"What are those?" I asked looking at the thin curved metal. I hadn't even felt them there.

"The support you asked for Ciara," Master Evan laughed placing them beside my sandals. 

Come to think of it my breasts had looked really perky underneath the gauze.

Once I was back in just my cuffs and collar, they removed the pieces covering their genitals. Master Kein and Master Bane raced to the pool and jumped in making a splash. I walked with the other men who took a more dignified entrance into the water. 

The water felt surprisingly good. It was a little on the warm side, but very comfortable. Remembering my instructions I wasn't surprised when a silky rag and a slippery bar were handed to me. I stood in the water and did as instructed. 

I gently scrubbed Master Damien he sat in the shallow water at one end. He was powerful man and I felt the tension in some of the muscle of his back. I rubbed a little harder and felt the muscle ease under my palm. 

"Lower down," he instructed, "do the same thing you just did."

Using the soap like massage oil I found the knot that must have been bothering him. After a moment it released in response to the gentle massage. 

"Wash all of me like that," he instructed.

It was to be a full body massage, then. I rubbed and cleaned him thoroughly. On his right shoulder, I noticed the intricate mark he carried. Comparing it to my the insignia on my cuffs it was virtually the same. Except for scars, this tattoo was the only other mark on his skin. 

Once I was done with Master Damien, Master Evan demanded the same attention. I started to massage him and he shook off my hands. He just wanted me to bathe him.

"Rub me with soap and wash it off," he said brusquely. 

I did as he asked and gave him a perfunctory bath. After washing him he also told me to wash his hair. 

I sat behind Master Evan on a step and cleaned his hair. I remembered the one time mom and I had gone to a fancy salon. The lady had run her nails over my scalp. It had felt really good, so I did that gently. 

"More of that," came the soft response.

I started to massage the scalp in front of me and Evan groaned very low in his throat. 

"Like that," was the guttural comment, so I kept at it.

Evan moved only once as I worked on his hair. He jerked me around so I sat on the bench beside him. Flipping his legs up on bench he laid back with his head on one thigh. 

"You may continue," he said settling down. 

As I worked, I heard my other owners walking away. A game was being played on the other side of the pool and it had their attention.

Eventually, Master Evan's hair was clean but he didn't move. I just kept rubbing his scalp and playing with his hair. The long locks were a temptation. I spread them out over my lap and experimented with braiding them. 

I would put a complicated plait in and then take it out. My skills getting better the more I practiced. Mom had been a hairdresser, so I knew quite a few fancy braids. 

I was allowing myself to get lost in the repetitive activity. Master Evan had his eyes closed laying in the water and looked completely relaxed. When he spoke I jumped.

"To what honor do I owe the attention you are paying my slave, gentlemen?" he asked never opening his eyes. 

I started to look up, but stopped when I saw several sets of masculine legs standing at the edge of the pool beside us. I stilled my hands in Master Evan's hair and waited. 

"Just noting how strange it is you all were permitted to keep a slave when your family cannot be trusted to follow the coupling schedule," the man said. "Will Christof be well enough to accompany you this time or does illness still plague him?"

I could hear the sarcasm dripping over the man's words. My heart went out to poor Master Christof, it wasn't his fault something terrible happened to him. He had been kidnapped and probably abused. He was too scared to even have sex with me. All that and he gets crap from these guys, too. 

Men on this world were just like the men on my world. They wouldn't give anyone a break. Their attitude irked me. 

"Master Christof is fine," I said defensively without really thinking about it. 

Master Evan looked up at me with one eye open, "Who are you talking to, slave?"

"You, Master Evan," I said realizing my mistake. 

He continued to look up at me for a moment and then returned to his resting position. "Christof will join us next time," he said closing his eyes again. 

I watched the men's feet as they moved away. Slowly, I went back to playing with Master Evan's hair. It entertained me and kept me from looking around. 

Water splashed up around us as Master Kein and Master Bane rejoined us. The shampoo job must have been good because they made Master Evan move and I washed both of their short hair. Master Evan stood casually by playing with a tiny braid I'd forgotten to take out. 

"Our slave is quite mouthy," he commented to his brothers. 

I'd forgotten about my little indiscretion, but he hadn't. My face was hot and I let my hands drop in front of me when Master Kein turned to face me. 

"What did it say?" he asked.

"Andre and his brothers came to ask if Christof was well and our slave informed them that he was," Master Evan said. 

Glancing up, I could see Master Evan grinning ear to ear like a devil. Master Damien was standing beside him now listening intently. 

"When did this happen?" he asked hotly.

"While you were talking to Basin and his brothers," Master Evan answered smirking broadly. "Must have been quite a conversation to have so distracted you."

Time seemed to freeze for a moment before everything moved at once. I found myself upside down and passing out the main entrance to the bathing hall before I knew what had happened. I was slung over Master Damien's shoulder as he marched out into the cooling night. 

I tried to wiggle free, but it was like my waist was caught in a vise. I made nonsensical pleas to him, but he didn't listen to me. I tried to see where we were going, but it was getting dark and all I could tell was we were in the courtyard.

Master Damien jumped up about six feet and I screamed. Before I could make another noise he had set me down. I felt a body behind me raising my arms and binding them to posts on either side of me. My legs were also separated and tied to the posts. I was stretched as far as I could go. It was like the auction only more uncomfortable. 

"You have defied us all day, slave," Master Damien said. "We place you at the mercy of the compound and see how long your disobedience lasts. When we find you more obedient we will return for you."

It took a minute for the situation to register. I was outside, bound and nude, in the middle of the courtyard. I looked up at my wrists and noted the lack of the metal cuff. Looking down, the cuffs had also been removed from my ankles. I moved my head around, I realized I didn't have a collar on.

Did this mean I wasn't a slave anymore? I wondered. The answer struck me and was breathtaking. I was still a slave. I just wasn't being claimed by an owner. 

Master Damien and his brothers told me their mark protected me and now it was gone. I wondered what would happen to me, although my exposed position spoke volumes. Anyone could do anything to me. 

It took my eyes some time to get used to the gathering darkness. I couldn't decide if it was lucky or unlucky that several torches lit the area. I prayed nobody would notice me up here, but I knew that wasn't the purpose of this exercise. 

My situation seemed to be gaining an audience. Warriors strolled past my platform and clucked their tongues at me. Several brought their slaves out to see me. 

I was shocked when the first group of Warriors jumped up onto the platform. They looked mean and still had their formidable weapons strapped to their waists. The men twisted and pinched me everywhere. I cried and screamed when they touched me between my legs. I heard Master Kein speaking behind me and they left. 

It went on for hours. My hands had gone numb and some point and every joint in my upper body was cramping. Groups of men would come onto the platform and touch me cruelly until one of my Warriors showed up and shooed them off. 

The men that came onto my platform weren't hesitant or nice to me. Thick fingers invaded my most private parts. They were not gentle as they explored my body with rough hands. Most of them laughed when I yelled at them. Everything I did spurned them to be crueler and harsher. 

Eventually, I started to recognize the pattern. The attacks usually happened when I looked at the Warriors down in the courtyard, which was hard not to do from my elevated position. I closed my eyes and the attacks subsided mostly. I stayed silent and finally they stopped coming up altogether. 

I felt warm bodies surrounding me, but I didn't dare open my eyes. Looking at them definitely made the manhandling worse.

"Who do you speak to, Ciara?" I heard Master Damien ask me.

"Only to you and your brothers, Master Damien," I answered him keeping my head down and my eyes shut tight. 

"Is it wise to look at other men, Ciara?" he asked me pulling my feet away from the posts.

"No, Master Damien," I sobbed as my arms were released. 

It felt like lightening was shooting through my hands and I slumped into whoever was holding me. 

My owners carried me through the courtyard and up the stairs to their dwelling place. The first thing they did was replace the metal encircling my neck, wrists, and ankles. After that they laid me on the bed and massaged my sore joints. Master Bane retrieved the cream from their bathroom and they rubbed it into my skin. 

My large breasts had been a favorite play toy of the Warriors on the platform. They had pinched and tweaked the bouncy flesh in excess. My nipples were raw and tiny bruises punctuated the orbs. Master Kein was gentle as he rubbed the cream across the tender mounds. It made them substantially less sore. 

The mistake was ingrained into my mind and I didn't want to make another one. I was taken to the lavatory and permitted to relieve myself. No complaints escaped my lips as I was cleaned. They fed me and I ate until they said I was done. 

After dinner, the men went and sat in the lower part of the room by the fire. Master Christof and Master Kein looked like they were playing a card game. Master Bane, Master Damien, and Master Evan were all resting in separate chairs talking. Master Damien noticed me and pointed to a pad on the floor by Master Evan's chair. Walking into the room, I knelt down obediently.

Soon I was less kneeling and more sitting with my legs underneath me. The day ran through my head and I tried to make sense of it. I sat quietly and realized what I was now.

I was their pet. When I pleased them, they would primp and fluff me. If I misbehaved, they disowned me publicly and I would suffer. The choice was mine.

After the platform, I had no tears left. I couldn't even sob as I realized that today was a death. This was the end of my freedom. I no longer had hopes or dreams, only prayers that my owners were kind. 

If I had more energy, I would have been having a breakdown. As it was, I just slumped lower and found myself inadvertently leaning on Master Evan's legs. My life was over.

My old life was over, a small voice whispered in my head. I was not dead. These men wanted a healthy, happy slave. They didn't want to hurt me. When I followed their rules, they treated me well. It was not the same, but it was something. 

I had only one choice left to me. The first option was to fight them every step of the way. I could make it as difficult on them as it was on me. The alternative was to make the best of what I had left. Neither option was unflawed. 

Fighting was the honorable way to go. I would be tortured however they wished for as long as they wished. If I kept fighting they may just kill me. However, I could be proud I stood up for myself.

Submitting was the other option. There was no honor in that, but I would probably live longer. I wondered if it was worth it. 

The submission they demanded was complete. I hated kneeling on a pad on the floor. Eating from their hands was demeaning. My brain rebelled against the ideas I couldn't even look at another male without being punished, but I wasn't ready to die yet.

I heard the men shuffling around and I looked up to find Master Damien watching me.

"Who takes care of you, Ciara?" he asked.

I knew they had put me up on that awful platform and I knew they would put me back if I did not please them. Now was the time to make my decision. Did I want to live like this or did I want to die? 

"You do, Master Damien and your brothers," I answered politely.

I would learn to live like this. There had to be a way to find happiness here. I just needed to look. 

Master Damien smiled benevolently down at me before he picked me up off the floor. He walked into their bedroom, which was quiet and much darker than the main room. Carefully, he placed me on their bed so I was laying on my hip.

"I'm glad you are learning, Ciara. Our mark protects you because we protect you, never forget that. You are worth nothing to the other men here. They will use you as they want, without consideration. Only your owners will care for you," he said as he moved away.

Two warm bodies came and surrounded mine. Reaching out, I felt Master Bane's fuzzy chest. I heard Master Kein's soft voice behind me as hands brushed down my back. Both men told me to sleep well through the night. 

Blankets were pulled over me to keep the chill away. I thanked them for the care and they seemed delighted. I snuggled into the softness of the bed and listened to the men's slow even breathing. This was my life now. I pulled the covers around my body and knew I would do my best to make the most of it. 



To be Continue.........



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