Fuck with a Stranger

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A/N: This confession may not be used, or copied by anyone without the permission of the author.This is my first confession here in PSE,so enjoy!



This one happened unplan. I was desperate to stop my EX from exposing my private photos and videos and his condition is to find another guy fuck him and record it. I was hesitant at first but knowing na may pwede syang ipang laban sakin I did what I have to do. Naghanap ako ng pwedeng mka meet up and FUCK while I'm in Marikina. Luckily!I met a guy online with a car and just around the area.We decided to meet up at sinundo nya ko sa place ng Tito. Upon entering the car, pagka upong pagka upo ko,he kissed me torrid. Saying nakaka gigil daw ako. (mejo malaman po kasi ang inyong lingkod). He make me suck his cock while driving, and thou its kinda hard to do ginawa ko yung gusto nya. He keep on cursing saying how good it feels,and making me wet while doing it.

Humanap kami ng malapit ng hotel at nag check in.Nakaka kaba na nakaka excite.,Good thing is kahit na gigil si kuya nagawa nya pa kong I interview. He's the kind who likes to eat pussy and take his time doing,I came 2x already at ayaw pa tigilan.When it's my turn to suck his cock,nag gag talaga ako dahil hindi kinantot nya talaga bibig ko hindi lang basta subo.when I had the chance niluwa ko yung cock nya and try licking the body hanggang sa balls nya.Nagalit ata si Kuya at pinatalikod ako para tirahin ng patuwad.It feels so fucking good na basang basa ang pussy ko.,nakalimutan ko ng Stranger pala ang kumakantot sakin.

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