Virgin but needs financial help. wants to try threesome.

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She’s 18, always finger but never tried anything real. She needs help financially for school and wants to try threesome so i posted here. any takers?
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ikaw ba bugaw nya?
hindi ba BAWAL d2 yan?
ingat mga kaPSE

not to worry, i’m a friend and i wanna taste her too.. kaya lang she needs one more so i’m just posting to help her. :) with her permission. 


rules are simple:

wag sasaktan.. 

no anal.. 

no cam..

no asking personal details..

no guns or knives.

condom required when penetrating (she doesn’t want to get pregnant.


questions? feel free to ask me. 

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PM Sent check inbox

Why pay when u can have someone even better for free hahaha

No trill & challenge when u pay for sex!

it only means that this post isn’t for you either ✌️

Send Mo sakin Yong details

Details nyan boss

Pm me for details



pm ng details

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Details boss

Mr. L