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This story happened i think 7 years ago. i migrated to another country but i have a daughter who's still in P.I. so every year i go home to see her, Ipad just came out of the market so i wanted to buy my daughter one for her birthday. the line was very long and in front of me is a pinay buying a couple of PS3s and a Xbox350. so while waiting we chatted and she introduced herself. "hi im sheena" she said; i responded "nice to meet you, im jeremy, dami mong binili ah? early christmas shopping?" to make the story short, we chatted for a while and exchanged numbers knowing that we are both going to PI for vacation and said we should hang out there. the next day, she texted me just saying good afternoon and how was my day, then i replied the same, typical texting and then for some reason our conversation shifted to sex topics. i.e. fantasies, positions, wild experiences, favorite things to do, so on and so forth. things started to get heated thru the phone and then i said I've never tried anal sex and she was like neither do i, "lets try it?" so i thought she was just goofing around sa phone, so i was like "hell yeah, imma get surgilube at work then drill you out, or pwede na siguro yung saliva then laughed". chatting ended bout almost midnight and on the night following she texted that she's on duty (she's a nurse) and is it possible for me to bring some snacks for her, as she forgot to bring her food due to her running a little late to work. at first i was hesitant for i was quite exhausted from work and i really just want to watch basketball highlights, but out of my friendly nature plus i dont want her to starve to death, so i obliged. i think the hospital is about 30 miles away from my house and once i got there, i called her up and she told me just park in the employee's parking and she'll meet me there. we hopped on her car, gave her food and chatted some more.

Me: hey, aint you gonna touch your food?
Her: later once im back on my station. how was your day?
Me: pretty tiring, kinda sore. we hiked today roughly 8 miles with gear, back is sore. do you know any massage please near here?
Her: 2 blocks away is the china/korean town. im sure madami dun
Me: how about ikaw? marunong ka bang magmasahe? just sa lower back.
Her: i dont know how to.
Me: sige na, i brought you some food. kahit 5 mins before i go home or to that korean town.
Her: i dont know how to massage, ito lang alam kong imassage (then grabbed my dick)
Me: whooa..

she then kinda smiled and pull my dick out easily for i was only wearing basketball shorts. right after she took it out, she started giving me blowjobs on her car while in the parking lot with people walking towards their cars.

Me: easy dude, may mga tao.
Her: its ok, di naman tayo makikita, may camera sa parking lot but were facing the wall. sarap titi mo.

at this point i was like fuck it. i grabbed her tits and started fondling it while she still sucks the shit out of my dick. she goes really deep saliva's dripping on me. i picked her head up and started to return the favor kissing her neck down to her cleavage, exposed her boobs and started licking them

her: damn dude, that's my weakness. licking my nipples makes me so wet. (she whispered)

i just smiled and kept on going while checking if she is really wet, putting my hand in between her legs rubbing her pussy from her pants.

to be cont..

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Occasionally Horny

MARY BYUN's picture

And isn't it place instead of please?

Will be waiting for the next update. :)

Pi - philippine islands, tho its Republic of the Philippines now, people from overseas refer Philippines to PI

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Isn't it Ph?

Shouldve been, but people prefer P.I. it has a better ring to it.