A Smile!

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Your back? For real Mam? Yes!

Thank You for your story or update!

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welcome back!!! Hope you'll stay...;-)


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"The weak are meat, the strong do eat."

Babalik ka rin! Welcome home! Hahaha

Mahal ka namin :)

Antay ko na mam next stories mo. Sana magawan mo na ung request ko. Hehe. Namiss ko po kayo.

How are you? So glad to see a post from you even if it's a simple smile....

Naughty by Nature

:) whether its a happy or not. .

~just a reader~

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Welcome back ladiesconfession we miss your stories......

U took my days & nights as i w8 4 updates..
& now u made me cry... :-(

U gotta make me laugh again, not horny as u hv designed dis story...

Damn.. Damn!

Practice lng...
Hey, ms isobel... Gotta join if u r serious abt making a book of sorts...
Or, making every one of us a future buyer of dat book u want.. Like a sure investor.. U dont wanna waste ur talent.. Or disregard us who Loved u...

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buhay na uli ang site. :)