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Ang ikli bro

Destiny is an illusion create by people who has no dreams in life.

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Alam ko sabi mo na true story ito at gusto mo lang ilahad, in other words you want to unload the guilt weighing you down. Nothing wrong with that, it seems like an interesting story and from the few sentences, I'm sure I'd like to hear more (read more).
Request lang boss, sana gamitan ng Capital letters sa mga susunod na installment para madaling basahin ng mga sanay bumasa ng meron nuon. Thank you!

The Ministry of ASS!

Na buwelo pa si pards!!! :-)

Sana tinapos mo ung first part..

putang ina mo ang iksi

best comment :) Cheers!

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an iksi Nga no bitin na bitin

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Give him a chance, like he said in his intro that this events are real. He is new, a first time writer and is truly uncomfortable doing this, the guy is simply trying to get this off his chest. Put yourself in his predicament, see how you handle it.

OP, just take your time, we'll be here waiting which is for sure.

The Ministry of ASS!

wala na bang mas iiksi pa sa kwento mo?

habaan mo nmn po ng konti