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We have taken action on recent flaming and trolling incidents in the site.

Some accounts have been suspended/blocked pending review and further action.

Thank you for reporting.

Please do not ask who was blocked or suspended. We do not divulge membership status and records in public, to be fair to all. Your privacy is our priority.

If you cannot sign in anymore in the site, your account might have been blocked. You can send a private message on our FB page to ask about your case or troubleshoot.


thanks a bunch admin. . A lot of members have been waiting for this action. .

~just a reader~

pero gagawa lang ulit ng account un at mangkukupal na naman

Kantot lang ng kantot!!!

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Same thing will happen again if he does so. Just be quick to report para mabilis rin aksyon.

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TAO LANG AKO.... WANNA TRY? A 3rd wheeler/ parttime writer/commentator

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awright! buti naman! :)

Been waiting for this!! Thank you so much.. :)

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I guess as long as he/she uses the same IP address to log in, it will be blocked no matter what info he uses to create an account.

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