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And because FEU won over UST...talo ako sa bet with another PSE member! You can find the link of that little something that i posted somewhere here in the site. ;)

And oh, it'll just be there for three days. ;)


Grabe naman. Pahirapan. Di ko mahanap. Huhuhu

Satisfy your girl before yourself and that's how it works

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Hanapin mo na...bilis!

A very, very good girl.

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asar. unless ginamit ibang user name's picture


I'm in shape... round is a shape...

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Lol! Some already found it ;) and no, i didn't use other usernames.

A very, very good girl.


wala bang clue jan? haha

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kaka iyak naman itong hanap2 link wla prin akong mkita :( tulooonngggg saklolooo :(


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Ang hiraap hanapin

Spoiled Brat,

Ikaw ba talaga yun? hahahaha

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Look who's here!

A very, very good girl.

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ayos pero sana ikaw nga yung nakita ko :)

the real one!

nakita ko na yan pic na yan mga 3 years ago hahahaha
may iba pa nga yata akong naitabi

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You still have those? Lol!

Salbahe! Hahahaha!

A very, very good girl.

yes i still have it.... in my mind hahahaha

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Hahahaha! Ikaw ha ! Mapupuno na naman inbox ko because of what you said! Lol!

A very, very good girl.

ikaw ba talaga un?

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Uh huh

A very, very good girl.

di ko pa din makita asan ba yon? T_T

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thanks sa pagsend ng pic din spoiledbrat kahit snob mo na ko sa viber hehehe

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Real Men Makes Your Pussy Wet, Not Your Eyes..

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pwede pakisen dn sa akin.. hindi ko mahanap..

dagdagan mo naman ung pix. hehe

Spoiled Brat's picture a few hours left.

A very, very good girl.

phone kasi gamit q kaya pahirapan

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di ko makita :(.. saan ba?

Gubz :)

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Sayang di ko inabutan yung link :D

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Sayang di ko inabutan yung link :D

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And I wonder what the fuck I am doing here in thia post. 2 years ago na pala to. Dafuq. Anyway, greetings to all you guys.

Ms. SB, whatever it was, mukhang marami kang napasaya. Damn I wanna end my life haha!

In short, J.A.K.O.L.