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Hi there readers!

I've been trying my hands in writing erotic lit. and I still have a long way to go before I could pass muster. Several ka-PSE suggested that I try my hands at writing a series.

Instead of thinking of another plot, I decided to continue Gabe and Claires' adventure, switching from one attack to onother just to experiment.

1. Lihim na Liham (it was presented as a lust letter of Claire to Gabe)
2. Shit, Sayang (An English poem tackling oral sex in Claire's POV)

Succeeding stories might be in another format.

Your Constructive Criticism will be much welcome (suggestions too)
Pleaseeeee, be kind though and send your harsh.views on pm instead of here.
Otherwise, everything goes.

Thanks and much grateful in advance.
Poem for Gabe
You know who you are.

You touched my hands,
I felt warm
And oh, so HOT.
You kissed my lips,
I am thunder strucked
You suck my twins,
I pool inside;
So WET and WILD.
Licking your way down,
Spreading me wide.
Those slick tongue
Is driving me MAD
One digit in,
Then another one;
Nearly there, nearly there!
I almost peed and cum.
Shit, Sayang!
Next time...
I will do so
Without qualms.

I'm not frustrated,
But rather HOPEFUL


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sana makausap kita kahit sa phone lang..... message me kung interesado ka

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Please be clear.
You talking to Claire or Gabe?

nOnE bUt OuR SeLvEs cAn FrEe OuR mInDs
-bOb M.


nice..different take on erotic writing..something not read daily.

keep it up

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Thank you.
I will.

nOnE bUt OuR SeLvEs cAn FrEe OuR mInDs
-bOb M.

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Yeah dude

"when times get rough just suck it up and swallow it be strong because your time will eventually come"

-Ai Meneses

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nOnE bUt OuR SeLvEs cAn FrEe OuR mInDs
-bOb M.