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It's so effin' hot here in the metro now! And for sure, it'll get hotter in the next two months! Goodness! I don't know with you, guys, but this scorching summer heat is making me just a bit hornier than usual! Lol! Fine, a lot hornier! Hahaha!

Just like what I posted in my previous entry, because of work, I havent had a good fvck for almost two months now! Thank goodness for my "toys" and my ever reliable fingers! :p

So, girls and boys, i am just curious, when was the last time you pleasure yourself? When was your last fvck? And when do you think you'll have your next?

[email protected] this heat!



j_n_b's picture

In the order that you asked! Hehehehe!

god is in the details...

Spoiled Brat's picture

Seriously? With me? But i asked when and not with whom, sweetheart ;)

A very, very good girl.


balderic's picture

I screwed myself almost everyday hahaha

How's that for horny!?

Destiny is an illusion create by people who has no dreams in life.

Spoiled Brat's picture

Almost everyday?! Ang horny ha! Lol!

A very, very good girl.

Flirt_Inspector's picture

thats a fucking horny..... to the max nyahahaha


Mate13's picture

Me. Pag naumpisahan ng monday. Everyday yan. Minsan. 2x a day pa pag sobrang horny.

TAO LANG AKO.... WANNA TRY? A 3rd wheeler/ parttime writer/commentator

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Pareho tau tsip... may score pa kay esmi


balderic's picture

Not yet satisfied though, i need some good motivator

Destiny is an illusion create by people who has no dreams in life.

Spoiled Brat's picture

You write really good stories here. I read most of your pieces :) and you're telling me that you lack motivation? You gotta be kiddin' ;)

A very, very good girl.

rightseye23's picture

Hanap ka na lng ng malinis na guy para sure ka na wala ka sakit na makukuha...be safe lng lagi.....msy araw nmn na wala pasok gaya sa 24 at 25

pm me if you like to meet me am near alabang muntinlupa

Spoiled Brat's picture

Ako pa maghahanap?! Lol! No, sweetheart. I don't do that. ;)

A very, very good girl.

zombie01991's picture

when taking a bath or before matulog.


Vern1988's picture

Tuwing umaga bago maligo tapos habang nagbabasa ng stories sa PSE tuwing madaling araw. Rak! Kahit may sex sa araw na yun nagbabate padin ako. Hahaha iba feeling eh.

Minsan jakol habang pinapanuod ko yung fubu ko magfinger.

They call me Jack Of All Trades, master of none. I call them John Talent-less, envious pieces of shit.

Spoiled Brat's picture

The last time was two months ago with a very, very good friend ;)

I pleasured myself this afternoon *wink-wink*

I think i'll get that next fuck real soon! *grins*

A very, very good girl.

balderic's picture

Good to hear you read my stories.

But yeah I lack motivation at times. I mostly think everything myself. I needed someone to talk to that can relate on my ideas.

Destiny is an illusion create by people who has no dreams in life.

sweetviolet's picture

Me think so too. Something missing in the fuck scenes that I cant put my fingers into.

Kapag makati

Spoiled Brat's picture

Don't look far..eherm..eherm again. Lol! Just kiddin'!

I'm pretty sure there are interesting women in this site who can surely give you a hand...or a head...or both...Lol..to motivate you.;)

A very, very good girl.

Yon nga po sana hanap ko po dto... Some girls kind enough to help me out

last fvck happened last night...

---Chickboy ka nga---
--pero safe ba yan?--

Cjay's picture

2weeks ago.. Busy both sa work

kua bob's picture

Oh my two months without fvck! That's too bad...LDR! Looking forward next month pa kmi magkikita...thanks sa pse at sa Mary palm....hahahaha nakakaraos din

ibigin mo ako..,dadami tayo!

Spoiled Brat's picture

^^I feel you. Lol! I was in an LDR relationship before and it was really..uhm..well.
.pretty challenging.Thank gawd for Skype. Hahaha!

A very, very good girl.

YoungRabbit's picture

Last night, in the shower kanina and when we meet. lol or when I meet a new girl in my life.

Cheers ^_^
from the Clever bunny wabbit.

yondaime.'s picture

kani kanina lang... hahaha

xxkrystalxx's picture

Last Night.
Never been fucked.
I dunno ._. Today? Tomorrow? Only God knows :D LMFAO.

Estudyanteng nag-aaral ng mabuti.

balderic's picture

Got a friend here who i talk with. Some sop and stuff. Well shes a feisty one. But i feel like a real screw is way above better.

Destiny is an illusion create by people who has no dreams in life.

Spoiled Brat's picture

Nothing beats the real thing. But of course, "some sop and stuff" is better than nothing. :)

A very, very good girl.

Spoiled Brat's picture

So, yeah, imma gomma throw another question here, boys and girls...just to spice things up here...Ready...

What was your wildest fvck ever?

A very, very good girl.

balderic's picture

Um can't say I experienced a wild fuck. But I did have a fubu before but not wild perse.

Anyway, I kinda liked a girl or a woman who knows how to be a dominant to me but not that much in a bondage kinda level.

What about you girl? Any wild screwing? Care to tell the details?

Destiny is an illusion create by people who has no dreams in life.

Two events stand out in my mind. One was when one of my good friends had a stag party. I ended up having sex in front of everyone.

Another was when I had a threesome (2 girls and me). It's the first time I have been raped by a girl. ;-p

I am looking forward to something more intense than those two events. :-D

Spoiled Brat's picture

It was a live show! Lol! Intense! I've not experienced watching a live show before. Hmm..okay, that'll now be on my bucket list. Hahaha. Oh, there's a blog entry that i made re the wildest sex ever. You might want to check it out. ;)

A very, very good girl.

tiny_meeh's picture

Around 2002-2004 U.P. Sunken garden and Amoranto stadium. Mahilig magjogging (kuno :p), One time, I requested my then girlfriend na mag boyleg shorts na lang at no undies since gabi kami tatakbo. Got me turned on, nung makakita ng perfect "spot" at saktong madilim. Yun na! hehehe. :)

Spoiled Brat's picture

^^ so, you never had a wild fvck before?

My wildest? Still waiting for some more replies from the members here before i answer this. ;)

A very, very good girl.

balderic's picture

Can't say I do.

Although I am wild but not the girl. She's mostly a submissive.

Destiny is an illusion create by people who has no dreams in life.

binroe's picture

Ldr here too , last month, un nga lang hindi fuck head lang sa sine hahaha summer time dami tao sa kanila

eroticatera001's picture

I am mostly dominant.

Poor guy ended up having fever after I sexed him up 3-4x/day regardless he's asleep or awake.

***Sky is the limit***

'Tis my opinion every man cheats in his own way, and he is only honest who is not discovered.” – Susannah Centlivre (English Playwright, 1669-1723)

ATKHENZ's picture

last year... lol.. sago sago na eh

Real Women Makes Your Dick Hard, Not Your Life.
Real Men Makes Your Pussy Wet, Not Your Eyes..

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grizzly's picture

just saw this and thought of giving it a go.

buknoy34pogi's picture

under the stars ...bamboo bed... counts??

everyday (minsan isa pagkagising, isa bago matulog), last month bago bumalik dito sa gitna ng dagat, hoping by the end of my contract that is in august (kaso pag walang relyebo pasensya)

Spoiled Brat's picture

The last time I pleasured myself three days ago.

The last time was two weeks ago while I was in Baguio.

Next time will be uhmmm...i dunno. Lol!

A very, very good girl.

yinyinpotpot's picture

Can i fuck you? xD haha

I maybe naughty, but i can be serious as hell.

Jjdlp07's picture

Hahahaha nice spoiled brat

chAnel_f2f's picture

kainggit! hahaha LDR kasi eh, tsk :(

doesn't have one since birth, and i pleasure myself everyday haha :)

darkbahamut's picture

Last fuck was 8yrs ago... And I'm about to turn 30 ...I have a girl right now and ayaw pa niya...usually BJ lang...I know its bad...but I'm about to considere cheating... For the first time...problem is wala akong guts gawin yun...kaya madalas mariang palad nalang...

Mahahanap din kita

Last night's pleasuring was damn intense. Brown out kase and im reading erotica. Last sex was last March with a friend and most probably have my next kinky fuckery within this month.

How can being naughty such a sin?

Kxxzz's picture

Minsan nakakadalawa ganun

/Highschool/Older men/Fetish? Gang bang and Older men/ 5'3 in height/ Viber or wechat? 0995572908*/ No FB/ La Union/FEMALE

I masterbate every day but i only fuck once a month even once in two months. So sad life. The hand is not enough for me anymore so i try other hands.

The wildest fuck i had was with my ex in a rave party in the metro. Doing it standing in the middle of the mosh pit. Shes bouncing up and down but not because of the beat. We didnt care is someone watched us. We wanted an audience