Hello mga horny teen girls dyan, tara text tayo!!


Just need a chatmate..

Ron 25.. u.s.a half chinese etc.. im just looking for a chatmate female any age.. boring na dto mag isa.. pls pm nyo ko

regarding mam coleen

May update na po ba kay mam coleen? sa mga nakaka usap niya jan or nakakasalamuha?

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Pa message sa fb search nyo sa messenger gracegraceherrera

Thank you!

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I have to stop writing erotica

I'm gonna be brief here. As the blog title says I have to stop writing erotica after finishing Genesis. Well I might write a one shot story but I will have to stop erotica stories.

The reason is because I am planning to write a non erotic story for once. I will post it on my wattpad account. If I manage to do it, and you guys are interested then, you can visit that story there.

I guess this is a start for me. Touching new grounds hehehe. After I completed that non erotic story then I will continue erotica.

Thank you :-)

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Hi everyone!

just wandering around and looking for friends to chat with or kahit txt lng. no homosexual feelings hehe. kahit ilang taon pwede at kahit babae/bading pwde rin.

by the way. im super_mario 26 years old
not that hot guy your dreaming
kalog, cool, easy go lucky
loves to travel
loves to eat

so kung meron man interested just hit me a PM

thanks guys!

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Hi. Im looking for a friend or maybe even more. I dont mind kung matanda or bata. Pm me

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Bicol Area?

Survey lang.Marami bang taga Bicol rito?


Hi po sa lahat. 42 married guy here na willing makipagfriends and makipagmeet like snacks, coffee, or movie my treat for girls only. Alabang ako work peo ok lng kahit within metro manila, may ride naman. Best time ko nga lng is between 4-7pm weekdays. Willing to share pics via fb, skype, or ym and very discreet. Not really into extreme stuff, mild is fun but flexible. :-)

Contacts below:.

# : 09274801037
Skype: roger.javier5
Ym : garrettdelacruz
Dummy fb: 09274801037 (pic ni robert downey jr, tony starks)

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Hi newbie here.

Just wanna know if may mga hot wife or single mom na pwedeng maikama ko? Sorry if panget blog its my first time in this site