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"Xerex" Story Type Deleted

I have deleted the "Xerex" from the Story Type selection for two reasons:

1) Xerex is from the 90s and probably the younger ones don't even know what it is.

2) Xerex as a type of story does not make sense. It's one of those things I thought of when the site was still new. I had this idea of a type of story that is in a "Dear Xerex" question and answer format.

The problem is, we don't have a Xerex here.

So there is goes... to the dustbin.

What will happen to stories that were placed in the Xerex type?

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Rating / Voting Added to Stories

We have just added a Rating / Voting feature on the Story content type.

Members may now rate stories on the scale of 1 to 5 "Hearts," 5 being the highest.

To rate a story, click on 1 to 5 hearts. Your rate will then be counted as a vote for the story, and will affect the average rating for the story.

Your rating for each story is also shown alongside the average rating.


You may only rate for a story once.
Authors may not rate their own story (of course)
Only registered members may rate stories, and they must be logged in.

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Official PSE Facebook Community Page

Thanks to all those who have created Fan Pages for PSE on Facebook, but we got to have an official Facebook page.

Here's our official FB page: PSE Readers and Writers

We will be sharing the best posts on the site, and interesting stuff on the web that would interest the community.

What kind of posts would you like to see on the Facebook page?

Feel free to comment below....

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Cheers! PSE is OK now

The recent downtime that affected PSE was due to the site hitting the limits set in our dedicated server. This is more of a safety measure to make sure the site and server is secure and optimized. We have made the necessary changes on the server and the site should be running fine as usual.

Thank you for your patience and support.

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97 degrees

It's already so hot here and they say it's going to reach 97 degrees today.

I'm already sleeping naked!

I can't freakin wait for winter and put on some clothes.

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Getting Busier

Hello peeps!

I've been out of reach lately because of some job-related projects. I dearly miss you all, specially those who have engaged me in discussions through chat and PM.

It's summer here and with three active kids, I find myself away from the computer because of outdoor activities.

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How to use the Blog section to promote your stories

Good morning peeps!

Here's one tip I'd like to share with you, that I haven't seen anybody do yet.

If you have just written a story, I would recommend you blog about it. You can tell your readers what went on behind the scenes when you wrote that story, the problems you experienced, the thrill of writing it, or you can even critique your own work.

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PSE Admin's picture is Back!

We're back after a long lull! Thank you for your continued support.

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We have a new forum!

Guys, please check out our New Forum! It's accessible to members only.

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Weird sex laws.. believe it or not!

Do you know that in Indonesia, the penalty for masturbation is decapitation?

In Cali, Columbia,  a woman’s mother must be in the room the first time she and her husband have sex to witness the act.

In Connorsville, Wis., it is illegal for a man to shoot a gun when his partner has an orgasm.

Read more weird sex laws here. And tell me which laws should be implemented in the Philippines. I think I like castration as a punishment for masturbation. Tongue out