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Public warning against flaming and flame baiting

Here at PSE we encourage honest feedback, freedom of speech, constructive criticism, critical thinking and open discussions but we will never tolerate flaming, flame-baiting, and trolling in our public comments and forums.

If you are listed here, please pay attention:


It has come to the attention of the admin that the above members have been engaged in flaming, personal attacks, flame-baiting in our public comments and forums, against each other mostly and sometimes on other members.

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Private Messaging is back: 1-11-2015

Good news...

We have brought back the Private Messaging feature and may now be used by all registered members, except those who have been blocked from using it for reasons of abuse and harassment, as reported by fellow members.

Another piece of good news... Your old messages and conversations are intact.

To make sure we don't overload the server and we avoid message spamming, these limits are imposed:

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New Story Category: BDSM

Good day folks!

We are adding a new category for stories called BDSM.

BDSM is a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, roleplaying, restraint, and other interpersonal dynamics.

Popular BDSM books include 50 Shades of Grey, The Dom's Surgeon and The Reluctant Dom.

A popular form of BDSM relationship is that between a dominant and submissive. Usually such relationships are formalized with a contract or agreement.

Questions, reactions, feedback? Post below.

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More features added to Blogs

Hello PSE'rs!

We've just added a ton of cool and useful features to our Blog section!

1) Free tagging. You may now add keywords or tags to your blog posts. For example if you blogged about your recent trip to Thailand, you can add "thailand", "trips", "travels", "scuba", "food trip", "shopping" as tags (just examples). This is similar to twitter's hashtag and Youtube's tags.

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Warning against trolling/flaming/flame-baiting

It is in the best interest of the community that we keep discussions and public interactions to a "civil" level. Therefore, we will ban/block any member whose online behavior falls under:

* trolling
* flaming
* flame-baiting

can anyone ?

hi guys ? may tanong lang ako sino na naka experience dito ng sakit sa balat ? makati siya na parang natutuyong balat sa may singit tapos mejo mapula na sobrang kati? help naman anu pwedeng gamot?

Bakit kaya iba't ibang klasi ang singit ng babae?

Bakit kaya iba't ibang klasi ang singit ng babae? pansin ko lang mostly sa anime, at models pag nkapanty lang sila, may butas yung singit? alam nyo yun guys? explain ko. yung parang sa baba ng kiki? may butas between yung baba ng kiki at singit? pag nakatayo sila? hehehe alam nyo yun? yung para bang hiwalay? pero yung ibang babae wala namang butas. hindi maluwag ang singit. magkadikit naman. hehehe... ala naisip ko lang hahaha

I really can't Believe it! ("Part 2 Summary version") Wifi Inspector App

hello sa inyo? tanong lang po? nag install lang ako ng Wifi Inspector LK Interactive Services App, na nirecommend sakin dito sa PSE. at hala! may Nadetect na agad xang 5 devices daw
nga na naka connecta sa wifi ko?

Totoo ba ito?hindi kaya joke lang yan ng App? naka program na yan na may nakaconnect kunwari.
pero ang totoo ay wala yung mga devices na yan? kasi ang alam ko kapag basta may Password wifi mo secured na yun eh? at WPA2-PSK naman yung Authentication Type ko sa wifi.
Pa help naman po ako uli oh? pls? kelangan ko lang po talaga... salamat..

I really can't Believe it! Wifi Inspector App

Pls po, let me tell you this... pahelp naman po.pls

Writer's Block

To all readers who have read my past story. I am terribly sorry that I was not able to update my story due to my work and the writer's block that I am into. Every time I try to write about the continuation I ended up blank. It is so hard for me to go back to the past and re- live the story in chronological order but also I want to fully express the lines as accurate and as sensual as I could. I want to put my story with soul and with totality of truth in it. So, please bear with me, maayus ko din ang lahat. Humihingi po ako ng paumanhin sa mga matiyagang nag- abang sa nasimulan ko na.