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Official PSE Facebook Community Page

Thanks to all those who have created Fan Pages for PSE on Facebook, but we got to have an official Facebook page.

Here's our official FB page: PSE Readers and Writers

We will be sharing the best posts on the site, and interesting stuff on the web that would interest the community.

What kind of posts would you like to see on the Facebook page?

Feel free to comment below....

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Private Messaging is back: 1-11-2015

Good news...

We have brought back the Private Messaging feature and may now be used by all registered members, except those who have been blocked from using it for reasons of abuse and harassment, as reported by fellow members.

Another piece of good news... Your old messages and conversations are intact.

To make sure we don't overload the server and we avoid message spamming, these limits are imposed:

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New Story Category: BDSM

Good day folks!

We are adding a new category for stories called BDSM.

BDSM is a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, roleplaying, restraint, and other interpersonal dynamics.

Popular BDSM books include 50 Shades of Grey, The Dom's Surgeon and The Reluctant Dom.

A popular form of BDSM relationship is that between a dominant and submissive. Usually such relationships are formalized with a contract or agreement.

Questions, reactions, feedback? Post below.

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More features added to Blogs

Hello PSE'rs!

We've just added a ton of cool and useful features to our Blog section!

1) Free tagging. You may now add keywords or tags to your blog posts. For example if you blogged about your recent trip to Thailand, you can add "thailand", "trips", "travels", "scuba", "food trip", "shopping" as tags (just examples). This is similar to twitter's hashtag and Youtube's tags.

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Warning against trolling/flaming/flame-baiting

It is in the best interest of the community that we keep discussions and public interactions to a "civil" level. Therefore, we will ban/block any member whose online behavior falls under:

* trolling
* flaming
* flame-baiting

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We're back! New server and new look!

Dear PSE'rs,

Thank you for patiently bearing with the site problems the past two months. Our server suffered major performance issues which were left unattended due to lack of a full-time staff.

As a result, members were not able to login and post stories and comments.

But the issues have been resolved.

We've just upgraded our server, updated our software to the latest and most secure version, and with that, we have a new look too!

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Hacker 404


just to be clear. Ako at si CONNECTED ng pt ay iisa :)

Itong kwentong ito ay gawa lamang ng malikot kong imahinasyon. Ang mga pangyayari sa kwentong ito ay imbento ko lamang. Ano mang pagkakatulad ay nagkataon lang. Unang gawa ko ng istorya kaya pagpasensyahan nyo na.

"vincent ala una na ng madaling araw matulog ka na. Aba naadik ka na dyan"

"opo tay, sandali nalang ito."

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The Ex-Men: 1st Member (BoyDilis)


Mawalang galang na. Popost ulit ako ha, medyo napagiiwanan na ako eh. Hahaha, nagiging busy na kasi ako sa bago kong buhay. Wag nyong tanuning kung ano, ang tanong ay sino. Heheh. Anyway eto na ulit.

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Cheers! PSE is OK now

The recent downtime that affected PSE was due to the site hitting the limits set in our dedicated server. This is more of a safety measure to make sure the site and server is secure and optimized. We have made the necessary changes on the server and the site should be running fine as usual.

Thank you for your patience and support.