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Ban for users who post non-stories on Story Section


Users who post non-stories in the Story Section will be banned and risk their account being deleted including all posts/comments.

We have seen some users post "personal ads" and "questions" on the story section and we have deleted those posts. But from this point forward, such users will be banned.

Please be forewarned and thank you for your cooperation.


- PSE Admin

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Action on Flaming Incidents

We have taken action on recent flaming and trolling incidents in the site.

Some accounts have been suspended/blocked pending review and further action.

Thank you for reporting.

Please do not ask who was blocked or suspended. We do not divulge membership status and records in public, to be fair to all. Your privacy is our priority.

If you cannot sign in anymore in the site, your account might have been blocked. You can send a private message on our FB page to ask about your case or troubleshoot.

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More accounts Blocked

More accounts were blocked today for these violations:

1) Posting "trading pics" topics in the Stories section
2) Repeatedly posting "sex wanted" in Blogs

One account, "ANDMIN PSE", was also banned for impersonating the admin.

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Blocked spammer users

Blocked some users who keep reposting their 'sex mate wanted' post on the blog section over and over again.

Same title and content reposted over and over again and sometimes consecutively.


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Footer Chat temporarily available for Malware scan

Dear members and readers,

We have temporarily disabled the site chat at the Footer pending a malware scan.

Rest assured we are doing everything to make this site safe and secure for your enjoyment and peace of mind.



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PSE Members Chat (Footer chat) Fixed!

The PSE Members Chat (at the site footer) should be working now.

Thank you for your patience.

Happy 2016!

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59 Comments and only 5 Votes?

I noticed a story getting so popular and talked about with 59 comments, but only 5 people bothered to vote or rate it. (Story here:

I was expecting to see at least 10 votes although I haven't seen any story get more than 10 voters since the Rating/Voting feature was implemented.

I'm just wondering if this is because readers are not aware of the Rating/Voting feature or they somehow skip it after they post a comment.

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Filtered blog posts on Frontpage

To improve your user experience on the site, I have recently changed the settings on the Blogs posts so that not all latest blog posts are displayed on the homepage. Only blogs posts that the admin has "promoted" to the frontpage will be shown on the homepage.

You can always visit the Blog section to see all latest blog posts.

Thank you.


Also note:

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New Feature! User Groups

Now you can create your own groups and also join groups in PSE!

When you create a group,you can set it to be Public or Private (unlisted).

** Note: If you set your Group to PRIVATE, nobody can join your group unless you manually add them or send them the link to join **

To browse groups, click on the Groups tab on the main navigation.

To join a Group, click on the "Subscribe to Group" link on the Groups list page or on the Group details page.

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A Lighter and Faster Frontpage

The site's traffic and hits is at an all time high and the database is getting pounded, and that's the reason why we are getting database errors.

(On a future post, I will tell you how many MILLION of page views we are serving each month)

My OoompaLooompa's are working hard to optimize the server, but in the meantime we have to cut the crap on the homepage to deal with this.

To lighten the load, I have removed these blocks of content from front page: